Cryptools KAM Snaps Starter Kit 360 Set Size 20 with KAM Pliers:Cryptools
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KAM Snaps Starter Kit 360 Set Size 20 with KAM Pliers:Cryptools

cuteDIY Published in October 21, 2018, 9:56 pm
 KAM Snaps Starter Kit 360 Set Size 20 with KAM Pliers:Cryptools

KAM Snaps Starter Kit 360 Set Size 20 with KAM Pliers:Cryptools

Price:£16.99+ Free shipping

kentishmaid Reply to on 5 December 2017
Cracking little set of Snaps. I have now been able to replace all the missing snaps on my duvet covers. Really useful. Wished I'd ordered one years ago. Also managed to remove all the old snaps on my duvet covers with the pliers. You just remove the white plastic cover over the bolt by sliding it off, then hold the old snaps sideways onto the bolt and press down (may need to do a couple of times) and the old snap will break and can be removed. I found out how to do this from Youtube. All the new snaps fit really well and seem strong and it means all my duvet covers now have a new lease of life. Very pleased with this purchase.
May Dunbar
May Dunbar Reply to on 12 July 2018
This item stopped working properly after 1 month. The compression spring "went" so there wasn't anyway to put the poppers on.
Plus on a few of the garments the poppers started to fall off. I'm still finding them about my flat.
I went to my local my local fabric shop and bought some old fashioned Press Studs.
At least they have stayed on.
Xylia Woodward
Xylia Woodward Reply to on 16 July 2018
The set arrived promptly and well packaged. It contained one plastic storage box holding all the snaps, 12 colours separated into compartments. The other plastic storage box contained the snap pliers, screw driver, hole piercer and tweezers. There were 3 more interchangeable discs for using with other sizes of snaps and the T5 disc was already fitted. There was also a shank to use with very small snaps which ensures perfect fit.The instructions were in the box with the pliers. I did a test and only squashed one Half of a snap. Success on my second go. Very easy to use I just have to check that the snap is fully sitting in the pliers before squeezing them shut. This ensures perfect fit. I made a small sewn pouch and fitted a snap easily. It is really cute and works great. Very pleased with the item and very pleased with the fast delivery.
Fizz Reply to on 9 February 2018
Does the job. Sligtly thicker than normal when snapped together but not a great difference to what I’m used to. Only giving 4 stars as both the storage boxes were smashed and therefor I’ve had to purchase a different organisation box to house them. I’d have bought the cheaper set not in boxes had I known. Needed to get on with a project so didn’t have time to return.
K. Law
K. Law Reply to on 12 June 2018
Easy to use: never used snaps before and debated these or a competitor and now very glad I bought these. The pliers don’t require much hand strength and centring the snap on the rubber adaptor is straightforward. No problems at all and only needed two practice goes.
John Reply to on 26 August 2018
my partner bought these, Good for a beginner as my partner is, however the plastic case isn't great for storing the Pliers in as it doesn't close properly. However it is easy to use and makes life a whole lot easier especially when lining up each snap, I would buy again but ditch the plastic case.
Darranhazelton Reply to on 29 June 2018
The equipments are ok, however the snaps itself, although comes in lovely colours... are doesnt seem to hold very well, roughly 3 out of 2 falls while using the item made with it, although I even asked my husband to press it with his stronger hands. Its also a safety issue for me, since I ordered the kit to make baby items. :( I dont want my little one to accidentally swallow one.
NOELLE FITZPATRICK Reply to on 18 March 2018
I found this product very disappointing- the majority of snaps did not work so I had to return the complete set and will not be buying again as I wanted authentic kamsnaps set
dicka cyprus
dicka cyprus Reply to on 7 March 2018
Did the job perfectly with the Kam Snaps purchased simultaneously. Downside is there are no instructions provided with the tool, but clear instruction videos are available on U-Tube.
Lorna Chamberlain
Lorna Chamberlain Reply to on 10 April 2018
I bought these for my quilting group to close small hand-made items for our exhibition. They are very easy to attach and close tightly with a satisfying 'pop'.
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